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Tyres are everywhere in everyday life. The majority of the country get to work on vehicles relying on them, goods can only arrive at the shops because of lorries that are reliant on them, and the majority of holidays wouldn’t be able to happen without them. We often take tyres for granted but, just as importantly, people don’t spare a second thought for their old tyres, and how they’re disposed of – so read on to learn more.

Landfills can’t take them

Tyres have been completely banned from landfill sites since 2006, which is the year that the EU Landfill Directive came into force. This was because tyres take up a lot of space, with not much of it actually being filled. It’s believed that 75% of the volume taken up by a tyre is empty when used in a landfill, due to the shape of tyres and the fact that a lot of a tyre is just air. This means that dumping sites fill up far more quickly when they include tyres. Although shredded tyres used to be acceptable, they were completely banned in the 2006 legislation due to the space issue, and the fact that improperly disposed of tyres can cause significant environmental damage.

Improper disposals

Although landfills are now not a legal way to dispose of worn and used tyres, some companies still dispose of them in an unsafe or improper manner. In one specific example, a Swansea tyre company was storing used tyres without a permit for a long time, and they eventually caught fire. The company was not only on the receiving end of significant fines, but also did a lot of damage to the local area throughout the three weeks that the tyres were alight. In this case, failure to adequately dispose of the old tyres led to major financial costs, reputational damage for the business, and significant environmental damage. This is because burnt rubber can lead to poor air quality, which is a real danger if used tyres are stored inappropriately.

The benefits of proper tyre recycling

The first major benefit of properly recycling your used tyres is that more materials don’t need producing for rubber products. Companies need to manufacture fewer materials going forwards when they are able to use rubber from old tyres. One use of worn rubber, for example, is in retreading and refurbishing old tyres. The alternative to recycling is the production of significantly more rubber, which can be really damaging to the planet when done en masse.

Environmental Tyre Disposal

Additionally, recycling tyres can lead to energy savings. Recycling just four tyres saves over 323lb of CO2 which would otherwise be emitted into the atmosphere, and even further benefits can be found in cases where tyres are converted into Tyre Derived Fuel, which can be used for a variety of purposes and saves the use of any more raw materials.

How can I sustainably dispose of my tyres

The best form of environmental tyre disposal is through recycling, and at Pro Tyre Recycling we are experts at recycling tyres. If you have a supply of tyres that need disposing of, do it the responsible and sustainable way and recycle. That rubber could go into future tyres, carpet underlay, or even children’s playgrounds, so if you’re interested in responsible and environmental tyre disposal, call us today on 01501 822 228 for a quote.

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Your tyre bale specialist

Your tyre bale specialist.

Protyre bale around 100 tyres into a government standard (PAS 108) tyre bale.

This bale can then be used in a number of proven construction applications involving landfill engineering including road construction, land erosion, wall construction, roads for wind farms, riverbanks, ponds and dam construction.

Tyre Recycling

Tyre Recycling.

Need to recycle tyres? We’re the solution

If you have tyres that require removal and recycling in the central Scotland, then we’re the team for the job. With years of experience in the disposal and recycling industry for tyres across Scotland.

Tyre Disposal Pick-Up Service

Tyre Disposal Pick-Up Service.

Tyre Pick-Ups in Scotland & The UK.

Many individuals and businesses struggle with tyre disposal in Scotland and the wider UK. It can be troublesome trying to find the time and resources to transport old tyres to a tyre recycling depot – but the good news is that we can help.

Tyre Disposal

Tyre Disposal.

Our reliable tyre disposal services cover Scotland & UK Wide

If you’re looking for the perfect tyre disposal service in Scotland / UK, contacting ProTyre Recycling is the first step to compliant removal. We meet all required regulations and work with you to ensure a safe, quick and professional approach to the disposal process.

Environmental Tyre Disposal

Environmental Tyre Disposal

Tyre Disposal made quick and easy with ProTyre, having lots of experience and the capability in tyre recycling. We have been a leading Scottish company when it comes to dealing with waste tyre collection and tyre recycling for a good number of years now.

Our Tyre Collection Services and Recycling services ensure that your waste tyres are recycled without causing any harm to environment. Tyres we gather from our Tyre collection services are most often used as aggregate replacement,

replacement, however the demand for recycled tyres is on the increase.

Your tyres become part of anything once recycled from equestrian or sports pitches, carpet underlay, drainage systems, roof tiles, road and playground surfaces, and even laminate flooring!

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Our Fleet.

At ProTyre Recycling we have a variety of diffferent vehichles available to pick up your used tyres.

All sizes of waste tyres are collected nationwide by our fleet of GPS-tracked collection trucks nationwide.

We have capcity to uplift any size of tyres, so if you have car, van, 4×4, truck, industrial, solid, forklift, tractor or earthmover tyres dont worry we can accomodate this with prior notice.

Get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote and to see what we can do for you on 01501 822 228 or alternativley use the button below to send us a message.

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