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Need to recycle tyres?

If you have tyres that require removal and recycling in the central Scotland, then we’re the team for the job.

Tyre Recycling

Need to recycle tyres? We’re the solution

If you have tyres that require removal and recycling in the UK then Protyre based in central Scotland is the team for the job. With years of experience in the disposal and recycling industry for tyres across the UK, our expertise and professionalism ensure a service that’s quick, easy and effective for our customers. There are many reasons why you may need to recycle tyres, from commercial property removal to land clearance. Whatever the requirements, we’re up to the challenge, with a comprehensive and fully compliant service that beats out our competition effortlessly.

Why choose ProTyre Recycling?

If you’re considering tyre removal services in the UK, then ProTyre Recycling is the ideal solution. Our years of expertise and experience, as well as our compliance with legal regulations and ethical standards, ensures the safe and effective removal and recycling of all tyre-based products. We guarantee the highest possible level of service for all our customers, from individual clients to commercial business owners. With an exceptional record of customer service, choosing us for your tyre recycling service ensures a cost-effective, practical and ethical removal of waste products as quickly as possible.

We offer professional recycling services for all forms of tyre, including but not limited to:

  • Tyres from vans, cars and motorbikes
  • Tyres from HGVs and similar heavy good vehicles
  • Tyres from passenger vehicles such as coaches and buses
  • Tyres utilised for agricultural and forklift-type vehicles

Your legal requirements for waste tyres

Why is the management of on-site waste so important, whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner? Under environmental legislation, it’s more important than ever to dispose of waste tyres responsibly, ethically and correctly. For businesses, this means storing your waste tyres in appropriate carriers and disposing of them quickly in compliance with your legal requirements.

Because of the composition of waste tyres, they do not decompose naturally. This means that tyres left around a workshop, garage or mechanic’s business could be a severe risk to fire safety, due to the toxic fumes they can release. As such, it’s incredibly important to ensure that all tyres are disposed of correctly, to reduce fire risk and ensure health and safety for yourself, as well as employees of businesses. Ensuring your tyres are disposed of through appropriate channels, like our service, can ensure your business or your home is safe, and that there is no additional risk attached to your property.

tyre recycling

Expert tyre recycling near you

With environmental legislation and requirements now more complicated than ever, it’s crucial to meet the compliance requirements – especially for business owners. We work with companies to ensure they’re fully compliant and on-track with all legal requirements, with a tailored service and reliable solution that works for you. Waste management shouldn’t be an afterthought – with our business; the answer could be so quick and easy you don’t need to think twice. Our friendly in-office staff are ready and waiting to book in your collection, so give us a call to find out how we can help you today.

Why use a compliant tyre recycling service?

For some individuals or businesses, it may seem more cost-effective to opt for a cheaper solution to your tyre problem. Unfortunately, this is rarely the best way to dispose of tyres, as criminal gangs will charge you and then illegally dump or export waste tyres to avoid recycling charges. This can lead to fire risk, and high levels of pollution if tyres are left to burn – as well as the costs attached to fighting tyre fires. Going legit with a SEPA-registered service may have a slightly higher price, but it’s well worth the investment; due to your legal requirements as well as your moral and ethical code.

Contact us for tyre recycling today

Are you looking for a professional tyre recycling service in central Scotland? Get in touch with ProTyre Recycling today, and we’ll get you on the right track to responsible tyre recycling. We’re ready and waiting to hear from you, so pick up the phone or fill out our contact form today.

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Your tyre bale specialist

Your tyre bale specialist.

Protyre bale around 100 tyres into a government standard (PAS 108) tyre bale.

This bale can then be used in a number of proven construction applications involving landfill engineering including road construction, land erosion, wall construction, roads for wind farms, riverbanks, ponds and dam construction.

Tyre Recycling

Tyre Recycling.

Need to recycle tyres? We’re the solution

If you have tyres that require removal and recycling in the central Scotland, then we’re the team for the job. With years of experience in the disposal and recycling industry for tyres across Scotland.

Tyre Disposal Pick-Up Service

Tyre Disposal Pick-Up Service.

Tyre Pick-Ups in Scotland & The UK.

Many individuals and businesses struggle with tyre disposal in Scotland and the wider UK. It can be troublesome trying to find the time and resources to transport old tyres to a tyre recycling depot – but the good news is that we can help.

Tyre Disposal

Tyre Disposal.

Our reliable tyre disposal services cover Scotland & UK Wide

If you’re looking for the perfect tyre disposal service in Scotland / UK, contacting ProTyre Recycling is the first step to compliant removal. We meet all required regulations and work with you to ensure a safe, quick and professional approach to the disposal process.

Environmental Tyre Disposal

Environmental Tyre Disposal

Tyre Disposal made quick and easy with ProTyre, having lots of experience and the capability in tyre recycling. We have been a leading Scottish company when it comes to dealing with waste tyre collection and tyre recycling for a good number of years now.

Our Tyre Collection Services and Recycling services ensure that your waste tyres are recycled without causing any harm to environment. Tyres we gather from our Tyre collection services are most often used as aggregate replacement,

replacement, however the demand for recycled tyres is on the increase.

Your tyres become part of anything once recycled from equestrian or sports pitches, carpet underlay, drainage systems, roof tiles, road and playground surfaces, and even laminate flooring!

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Our Fleet.

At ProTyre Recycling we have a variety of diffferent vehichles available to pick up your used tyres.

All sizes of waste tyres are collected nationwide by our fleet of GPS-tracked collection trucks nationwide.

We have capcity to uplift any size of tyres, so if you have car, van, 4×4, truck, industrial, solid, forklift, tractor or earthmover tyres dont worry we can accomodate this with prior notice.

Get in touch with us for a free no obligation quote and to see what we can do for you on 01501 822 228 or alternativley use the button below to send us a message.

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We are licensed & regulated by SEPA

(Scottish Environmental Protection Agency)

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