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Tyre Disposal

ProTyre Recycling, the leading authority in tyre disposal and recycling services in Ayr, extends its expertise to all local residents and businesses in need of professional tyre waste management.


Seamless Tyre Collection Services

For those in search of a reputable “local tyre waste recycling service,” look no further than ProTyre Recycling. We accommodate the needs of all – from individual car owners, fleet overseers, and construction/agricultural companies, to local garages.

Our services cover not only large-scale recycling of scrap tyres in Ayr but also cater to the needs of homeowners seeking a convenient tyre disposal solution. Our door-to-door tyre collection service is available throughout the Ayr region, making tyre disposal a breeze, no matter the volume.

For a complimentary, non-binding quote, reach out to us today at 01501 822 228.


The Significance of Tyre Recycling in Ayr

Ayr homeowners and businesses are legally obliged to dispose of waste tyres in an eco-friendly manner as per Scottish laws that prohibit the landfilling of tyres.

But the importance of tyre recycling goes beyond legal compliance. By choosing ProTyre for your tyre disposal needs, you are playing a significant role in sustainable waste management. We ensure that each tyre we collect is efficiently processed to extract reusable materials, thus reducing the carbon footprint of companies that utilise our recycled by-products.


How We Collect and Recycle Tyres

To start, simply get in touch with ProTyre at 01501 822 228 or through our website to discuss our competitive pricing options for tyre disposal.

We then send a collection vehicle suitable for the size of your disposal needs to your location at a time that suits you best. We pride ourselves in our responsive customer service, often facilitating pick-ups within 24 hours from your initial call.

After the collection, the waste tyres from your Ayr location are transported to our regulated depot for ethical recycling. As a licensed entity overseen by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA), we adhere to the latest, most environmentally friendly methods and equipment.


Pioneering Approaches to Tyre Recycling in Ayr

We pride ourselves in utilising innovative techniques to recycle tyres collected from businesses and households in and around Ayr. For instance, we repurpose tyres into bales used by construction companies in Ayr and across the UK to prevent soil erosion and for various structural projects.

In some cases, tyres can be re-treaded for continued use. Others are broken down to create safer playground and sports surfaces or contribute to other construction initiatives. We also extract and repurpose materials from tyres to fuel cement works, thereby fully maximising their potential.


Streamlined Tyre Disposal in Ayr

No matter the size or number of tyres, ProTyre Recycling is your efficient solution for meeting this legal obligation and contributing to recycling efforts. We provide prompt and affordable services to Ayr businesses and residents alike.

For reliable tyre recycling services simply use our online form or ring 01501 822 228 for tyre recycling Ayr businesses and individuals can depend on.

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