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Residents and businesses seeking a dependable solution for the disposal and recycling of old tyres can trust ProTyre Recycling, the pre-eminent authority in the local area.

Eco-Friendly Tyre Collections

When searching for a reliable “waste tyre recycling service near me,” ProTyre Recycling is the first name that springs to mind. Our services cater to all, whether you’re an individual car owner, fleet manager, construction/agricultural company, or local garage.

Not only do we manage the recycling of scrap tyres in large volumes, but we also offer convenient tyre disposal solutions for homeowners. Our tyre collection service is capable of gathering unwanted vehicle tyres from any address in the local region, be it a single tyre or a thousand.

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The Importance of Tyre Recycling in Scotland

Both businesses and homeowners in Scotland have a legal obligation to dispose of waste tyres in an environmentally friendly way. Scottish law strictly forbids landfilling of tyres.

However, the importance of tyre recycling extends beyond simply adhering to the law. By selecting ProTyre to handle the collection of waste tyres from your property, you are actively contributing to sustainable environmental management. Every tyre we process is aimed at maximising the recovery of reusable materials. Our seasoned team employs safe and environmentally friendly recycling methods, reducing the carbon footprint of companies that utilise our recycled by-products.


The Procedure for Tyre Collection and Recycling

To initiate the process, get in touch with ProTyre at 01501 822 228 or send us a message via our website. We will discuss competitive pricing options for different tyre disposal needs.

We will dispatch a suitably sized tyre collection vehicle to your preferred location at a time convenient for you. With our efficient customer service, we frequently arrange collections within 24 hours of your initial contact.

Once collected, we transport the waste tyres from your address to our regulated depot for responsible recycling. ProTyre is licensed and supervised by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA), ensuring our methods and equipment are current and environmentally sound for our tyre disposal Fife services.


Innovative Solutions for Scrap Tyre Recycling in Scotland

We pride ourselves on employing innovative methods to recycle tyres gathered from local businesses and residences. For instance, we create bales from the tyres, which are utilised by construction companies in the local area and across the UK for various structural applications and to prevent soil erosion.

In some cases, tyres can be re-treaded for extended use, while others are broken down to create safe playground and sports surfaces or to contribute to other construction projects. We also extract materials from tyres to use as fuel in cement works, thereby fully maximising their potential.


Efficient Tyre Disposal in Fife

Regardless of the quantity or size of the tyres, ProTyre Recycling efficiently handles this crucial legal obligation and recycling task. We offer prompt and cost-effective solutions for businesses and individuals throughout the area.

Fill out our online form or give us a call on 01501 822 228 for tyre recycling Fife businesses and individuals can depend on.

waste tyre recycling fife


Using ProTyre Recycling’s services to deal with your old tyres offers an abundance of environmental advantages. At the heart of these benefits is the notion of sustainable waste management. As our world grapples with excessive waste, recycling old tyres presents a responsible and eco-friendly solution. Instead of contributing to the overwhelming mass of landfill waste, your old tyres can be transformed into useful products, fostering a circular economy where nothing goes to waste. Moreover, tyres are rich in materials that can be reused. ProTyre Recycling’s methods extract these valuable components and repurpose them into a variety of items, ranging from construction materials to fuel. This process makes efficient use of existing resources, lessening our reliance on virgin materials and preserving natural resources for future generations.

Choosing to recycle your tyres with ProTyre Recycling also reduces your carbon footprint. The process of crafting new products from recycled materials generally consumes less energy than manufacturing from raw resources, thus lowering the associated carbon emissions. Further, by preventing tyres from being sent to landfill sites, where they can release harmful greenhouse gases as they decompose, you’re actively participating in mitigating climate change. From a legal standpoint, recycling old tyres is more than just a conscientious choice — it’s a requirement. Scottish laws stipulate responsible disposal of waste tyres, and by employing ProTyre Recycling’s services, you’re ensuring full compliance with these regulations. Your commitment to recycling tyres also fuels innovation within this industry. ProTyre Recycling is continually discovering novel applications for recycled tyres, an endeavour that not only minimises waste but also stimulates economic growth and job creation within the recycling and manufacturing sectors.

Furthermore, the service provided by ProTyre Recycling yields benefits for local communities and economies. By transforming old tyres into new products, we’re bolstering local industries and contributing to job growth. Some of the recycled tyre products — for instance, playground surfaces and sports field materials — directly enhance community spaces, adding another layer to the societal benefits. Finally, the convenience and ease provided by ProTyre Recycling cannot be overstated. Our quick pick-up service takes the hassle out of tyre disposal for you. We cater to everyone, regardless of the quantity of tyres involved, making it a convenient choice for businesses and individuals alike.

In essence, using ProTyre Recycling’s services is not just an efficient way to dispose of old tyres, it’s an excellent opportunity to contribute to a sustainable future, support innovative industries, and comply with environmental laws, all with minimal effort on your part.

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