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When you are searching for ‘waste tyre recycling service near me’, there is one company who can cater for all your old tyre needs if you are based in or around the Lothian area, and the solution is ProTyre Recycling.

It’s the first call to make whether you are an individual vehicle owner, fleet manager, construction/agricultural firm or garage.

ProTyre can handle Lothian’s scrap tyre recycling in bulk, but we are also happy to deal with tyre disposal for homeowners too.

One of the many reasons you should rely on us to carry out this important task is that we offer a tyre pickup service. We are happy to come to any address in the West Lothian area to collect your unwanted vehicle tyres, whether it is one or 1000!

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Why tyre recycling West Lothian wide is vital

Both Lothian businesses and homeowners have a legal obligation to dispose of waste tyres responsibly. Putting tyres in landfill is against the law in Scotland.

However, it’s not simply just about the rules surrounding the disposal of vehicle tyres.

If you arrange for ProTyre to collect waste tyres from your local home or business, you are playing an important part in environmental management. Every item we handle is processed to remove as much re-usable material as possible. Our experienced team recycles unwanted and damaged tyres in a way that is both safe for the environment and reduces the carbon footprint of companies who purchase our by-products.


What happens to tyres collected by ProTyre?

The first step is to contact ProTyre on 01501 822 228 or send us a message via our website. We can then discuss a competitive price for tyre disposal requests of all kinds. We will send a relevant sized tyre collection vehicle on a day and at a time that best suits you. Our friendly and efficient team can often be on site within 24 hours of you calling ProTyre customer services.

Once we have picked up waste tyres from your Lothian address, we take them to our depot for responsible recycling. As we are licensed and regulated by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA), our methods and equipment are kept constantly updated.

Opting for a licensed and regulated company overseen by the Scottish Environment Agency (SEPA) to handle the disposal and recycling of old tyres brings forth a host of benefits. Look no further than ProTyre Recycling, the leading choice across the country for efficient and responsible old tyre disposal. When you rely on a licensed and regulated company like ProTyre, you can be confident in their unwavering commitment to adhering to rigorous environmental standards. SEPA’s oversight ensures that companies operating under their jurisdiction strictly follow regulations and guidelines, guaranteeing the responsible handling of your old tyres in accordance with established environmental protocols. ProTyre Recycling’s dedication to sustainable practices is reinforced by their extensive expertise and experience in the industry. Their profound knowledge of the tyre recycling sector empowers them to employ the most effective and eco-friendly methods for recycling old tyres. By selecting ProTyre, you can be assured that your old tyres will undergo processing that minimises their environmental impact. Furthermore, ProTyre Recycling offers comprehensive and efficient services for old tyre disposal. Their well-established processes seamlessly handle the collection, transportation, and recycling of your old tyres in a timely manner. With a firm commitment to customer satisfaction, ProTyre endeavours to deliver a hassle-free experience, ensuring you can confidently rely on them to efficiently manage your old tyre disposal needs.

Rest easy knowing that, by choosing a licensed and regulated company like ProTyre Recycling, your old tyres will be disposed of and recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. Our expertise and adherence to environmental standards, make our efficient services the ideal choice for your old tyre disposal needs. Trust ProTyre to deliver exceptional results while contributing to a greener future through their sustainable tyre recycling practices.


What does tyres scrapped in Lothian help produce?

Our expertise means we can find innovative ways to recycle tyres from Lothian businesses and homes.

This includes creating bales that construction companies in Scotland (and the rest of the UK) use to build various structures or to prevent soil erosion, for example.

Some tyres collected from Lothian addresses can be re-tread for continued use, while others are crumbled to create a safe playground and sports surface and for other types of construction projects. It is even possible to use some of the materials we extract as fuel in cement works.


How to get rid of unwanted tyres in West Lothian

No matter what size the tyre is – and no matter how many tyres you need to dispose of – we can handle this important legal obligation and recycling task, quickly and cost-effectively.

Simply use our online form or ring 01501 822 228 for tyre recycling West Lothian businesses and individuals can depend on.

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